Date Release: April 3, 2023

Trumpets are echoing, obsessive phrases are emerging in my head, unknown voices from outside are chasing me…

I don’t know the origin of all these, their meaning, but I feel they are the messengers of a change. Of my own change. They are the sings of a transition. My soul’s transition from the realm of pain to that of happiness. Joy can’t exist but through pain. Only the ones who had suffered can tell about joy and can reach the heart of it. I desperately want to have fun. That’s why this song was made. It’s a song about the reinvention of joy. Despite the inner and outer voices that keep murmuring that life is bitter and stiff and hard to live. I have two children in me. The grown up child whispers to the little child “I don’t want to die”. And the little one takes the grown up from the hand, reassures it and says:

“Do you remember when you were me how did you plan the big escape with the other kids in the neighbourhood? Do you remember taking your bicycle, reaching the next village and yet feeling you’d reached the end of the world? That’s the secret. There stands everything. That’s the beginning of all. It’s time to live, it’s your time for freedom, it’s time to understand the world and talk about it through your song. Don’t be afraid of joy any more”.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Composed by Angeliki Tsotsoni
Produced by Serafim Tsotsonis
Performed by Ocean Hope (Angeliki Tsotsoni and Serafim Tsotsonis)
Sax by Panagiotis Thivaios
Mastered by George Priniotakis at Artracks Studios
Artwork by Angeliki Tsotsoni
Video by Angeliki Tsotsoni & Laura Guerineau